Twinstake Introduces Compliance+

David McDougall
June 13, 2024
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Twinstake Introduces Compliance+ Suite to Elevate Risk Management and Institutional Compliance

Twinstake is excited to announce the launch of Compliance+, a suite of products designed to augment compliance capabilities for institutional clients. As the only staking provider with an exclusively institutional focus, Compliance+ will help our clients prioritise a high level of compliance in all of their engagements with digital assets. 

The launch of Compliance+ solidifies Twinstake’s position as the premier institutional staking provider. Compliance+ serves as an umbrella for a series of products tailored to meet the diverse compliance needs of institutional clients. These offerings will seamlessly integrate with our core products, providing robust tools designed to help clients meet their desired approaches to compliance and manage long-term risk. 

Compliance+ will also include the option to implement more extensive transaction screening than our standard OFAC-compliant setup, via an upcoming partnership which will be announced later this month. This product will meet the needs of clients who want to go beyond current OFAC compliance and screen a wider set of illicit transactions, including money laundering, scams, hacks, exploits, insider trading, terrorist financing, and others. 

Compliance+ offerings include the ability for clients to manage their validator locations and to have more granular selection criteria for execution and consensus clients. 

While the initial offerings will be focused on Ethereum, we will continue to build out our Compliance+ offerings to other chains. Future developments will extend into additional options for relayer configuration and block building to prioritize customizability and control on behalf of our clients.

Twinstake is the only staking provider that exclusively serves institutions, and this launch extends our commitments to our key pillars of compliance, security, and performance.

To learn more about how Twinstake’s focus on compliance can unlock the full potential of your staking, reach out to the team at [email protected].

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